What We Do

KMW Associates works with a broad range of organizations including federal, state and local health departments, schools and universities, hospitals, clinics, local NGOs and community based organizations to develop policies, design programs, and establish organizational strategy to advance efforts to impact health and social issues.  Our team has extensive experience working with government policymakers,  community groups, providers, administrators and educators.  We have expertise in public health, community health, and systems strengthening.  We offer a menu of services including: training, coaching, staff capacity building, policy and advocacy, peer health education, applied research and health systems strengthening.  KMW Associates can be embedded on your team to provide focused support or as an external partner to catalyze special projects.

Local Public Health

Health and Social Issues

Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing

Commission LHD Recommendations

KMW Associates has a special interest in addressing health issues at the community level.   We understand that local and state level approaches to addressing complex health issues requires an cross-sectoral approach, therefore we collaborate with the education, mental health, private and other sectors, to leverage resources and comprehensively address the root causes of major health issues that cities and towns face such as the opioid crisis, homelessness and obesity.

We strive to be inclusive and engage the community, applying various participatory assessments, surveys, stakeholder focus groups, public hearings and other evidence based methods to shed light on complex health and social issues and design programs that are feasible and responsive to the health needs of the community.

Feasibility is central to our support, we work with the realities on the ground and present various scenarios or models that take into account limited budgets, staffing capacity, bandwidth and contextual factors that impede progress towards making communities healthier and safer for all.