Your building's digital nervous system

Node is a combination of a state of the art connectivity hub, intelligent management software and fibre optic infrastructure all designed to give property managers the best connectivity solution for their tenants.

Fully managed connectivity infrastructure & wayleaves

Your entire building's connectivity provision, wayleaves and maintenance, all managed under a single roof, by our experienced team. The Node property manager portal gives you complete visibility over your building, the current wayleaves in place and the ability to view or manage any supplier access requests.

Node in a nutshell:


Node communications hub & fibre network are installed into your building

Node is a fully managed pure fibre optic network solution for buildings, so whether you need a point-to-point between two units, or to bring a new internet connection into the building, we manage everything, from wayleaves to maintenance.


Suppliers plug their connections into the Node hub, we take it from there

Now, when a tenant requires a connection, whether that is Virgin Fibre, Telcom wireless or any other ISP, Node's management team works with that provider to arrange access to install their connection into the Node Hub, from which we'll route the connection directly to the required location of the building.


View and manage your building connectivity online with the Node Portal

With our Node Property management portal, property managers have complete visibility of their building units' connectivity, active wayleave agreements and much more.

Compatible with, and open to all connectivity providers

Connectivity suppliers, from Virgin to BT, can plug into Node through our secure supplier intake, and have their connection instantly routed directly to the tenant unit through Node's existing fibre infrastructure. No need for additional building works or managing multiple provider cables in building risers. We can even work with wireless internet service providers if there is a requirement.


Coming soon:Enhance your Node installation with optional modules

Make your building even smarter with additional modules and services from a catalogue of options designed to give you more granular control, improve the experience of your tenants or allow us to look after additional aspects of your building.

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How to get Node for your building

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